Monday, July 4, 2011

Sleepy, sore, but more comfortable

Posted Jun 17, 2011 8:58pm

Sarah is coming out of the anesthesia and seems to be much more comfortable with the tube out of her throat. She is still quite groggy and floats in and out. But when she is awake, she is quick with the pen to ask questions and tell us what she needs. Kai peeked in and blew a kiss from the hallway and Sarah blew one back. Her nieces and nephews are a big source of strength for her and her eyes had a sparkle when she saw him. The surgeon was positive about the surgery and there is talk of moving her to a different part of the ICU so they can focus on some physical therapy.

She was lucid enough that I read her most of the messages that have been posted so far, and they brought lots of smiles. Several made me tear up, but she is patient with me :)

We are on constant alert for the transplant call. As one doc put it to the other one, "keep the batphone handy!". So watch the sky for the bat sign. If you squint, it really does look a lot like a pair of lungs.


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