Monday, July 4, 2011


Posted July 3rd, 2011

Sarah's window looks out on the Generose Building and a quieter part of the St. Mary's campus. However, between the helicopter landing, a car fire last week and occasional oddities, it provides a disproportionate amount of entertainment. Also, our cousin is admitted to Generose, and he is on our minds each time we look out the window.

Last night anyone else looking out the windows on Sarah's side of the building was probably surprised to see someone in a colorful clown wig waving a giant bubble wand, blowing bubbles in the wind.

Those bubbles were for Sarah, and the wearer of the wig was Aunt Peggy visiting her son. Thanks, Peggy. I like to think it injected a little surreality into everyone's evening.

Last night was another tough one for Sarah and we are back to several days in a row of no sleep and it is taking it's toll. Same news, different day.

Further updates as events warrant.

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