Monday, July 4, 2011

ICU Day 2

June 15th, 2011

I got up here at 4 to relieve my dad. Sarah had been asleep for a couple longer stretches through the night and that is good news. She has had almost 2 weeks without a good night's sleep and it has taken a toll.

The BiPAP machine is helping but she struggles not to fight it. It does the best work when she is asleep as it can take over for her completely. She woke shortly after 4 and wanted a break from it, so she went back on the standard oxygen mask. However, she can't relax because she is constantly worried she is not breathing enough (as has been the case several nights) and her oxygen levels will drop. Her levels seemed to be steady even without the BiPAP and when reassured she went back to sleep.

They are in now drawing blood (2nd time already this morning!) to see if her blood gasses have leveled out. Hopefully, we get some good news today.

Thanks for the lovely comments. I have passed a few along to help relax her anxious mind and they have helped. Sometimes when every breath is a chore and the world is needles, machines, and harsh lights a little love and reminder of life outside is great medicine itself.


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